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Employ light colors and dark colors. Contrasting colors add to the beauty of the room. Extremely dark colors should be avoided. A small sofa in a corner near the window can be of great comfort when it is rainy outside and you're indoors watching a film or playing Partypoker. One can sit there, read books and watch outside comfortably. In the centre of the living room, place an attractive article to enhance the look of the room. To liven up the atmosphere, bright plants can be placed in corners of the room. Keep the windows small. Large windows will make the room look small. Use shades in front of the windows to let in light.

Some of the common styles that are used in living room are discussed below.

Victorian Style living rooms - This type of living rooms is luxurious and elegant. The important feature of a Victorian style living room is a characteristic refined fashion with a dash of shade and texture. Lavishness is the prominent attribute of Victorian style living rooms.

Romantic design style living rooms - This style uses romantic décor for the room. It is usually decorated with glowing colors and spacious materials. Some of the colors that are a typical example of this style of living rooms are silver, white and mostly pale neutral colors. Flowery patterns add to the splendor of the living room. Heavy furniture is avoided. Attractively decorated pillows and rugs provide the finish for the romantic theme.

Eclectic design style living rooms - This style is incorporated by stunningly combining various design styles in one theme. Walls from a modern theme and furniture from a cottage style theme, with floral patterns that are typically associated with a romantic design style theme is one example of an eclectic design style living room. Certain care must be taken that the different styles merge well and not look odd.
Meticulously designing the living room can be the difference between a striking home and an unimpressive one.
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Interior Design Ideas
An exquisitely designed living room can liven up the home. Some of the interior design ideas are discussed in this article. The area near fireplace may be utilized as a place where people can gather and discuss together. It is especially useful in cold climates. Tables and chairs can be placed around the fireplace. Corners of the living room can be used to place television and lamps. Decorate the walls with paintings. This will add to the magnificence of the living room.
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Interior Design Living Room - planning and execution
The best part in an ideal Interior Design Living Room is the step by step execution of interior design ideas to get a perfect interior living room design to attract visitors and show case your luxury and boost your social presence. The important attribute here is to pay equal attention to minute details as per the experts. Initially all points and interior design ideas are noted down in a paper categorized in sections like removing the rugs and dirt from the walls and roofs, proper lighting and seating arrangement with well organized living room equipped with pictures, accessories etc
Interior Design Bedroom - create an ambience to relax
Your bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your home and the thus, the interior design bedroom is of utmost importance. The bedroom interior design must be done with great care so as to appeal to the aesthetic sense, provide adequate comfort and also be practical. With several interior design ideas available you can decide to choose the one that appeal to you most. Bedroom interior design has several aspects to it that need to be handled with care. Starting right with the color of the walls, the lighting to the
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