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For a unique and textured look on the painting jobs, sponge painting is the best method. Even individuals who lack the natural ability to be artistic can be successful in painting if they use the method of sponge painting. Sponge painting is extremely simple and has noticeable results. Sponge painting brings out the unique character of the walls. This article will guide you through the sponge painting technique.
Painting of the walls need not be just in one color. There are a lot of sponge painting techniques that can brighten the wall. A dramatic look can be obtained by sponge painting even though the techniques are very simple. Dab one color of paint using a sponge on another color of paint to give the walls a characteristic textured look using sponge painting. Warmth in the environment is the result of careful sponge painting.

One of the very first things to note about sponge painting of the walls is that the choice of colors should be made wisely. Colors should be chosen in such a way that they complement one another. This is of great importance when the walls are being painted using sponge. Wrong choice of colors, which usually means colors of low contrast, will miss the rich and dramatic appearance of the sponge painting. A lot of painting choices are available for painting walls using sponge painting.

Buy natural sponges. They are usually available at any paint store and home improvement store. Even kitchen sponge can work if you use it well. Although the issue is that they will not be very sturdy when compared to natural sponges. Testing techniques on poster is better before you dive into sponge painting of the walls.

Application of the primary and the base color is the first thing to perform while starting sponge painting. After drying of the base coating, the wall is ready to get painted using sponge. Use a damp sponge to dip into the second color of paint. Excess paint has to be shaken off gently.

Varied effects can be achieved using different sponges. Using imagination is a must to ensure that you get sponge painting ideas that give you varied designs. Sponges that are shaped resembling an animal will be good for painting a kidís bedroom. Using your own creativity make sponge painting a fun job. If the painting job is not meeting your expectations, all you have to do is to paint with a sponge over the previous painting.
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