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The next step is to mix the paint that you want to sponge off with four parts of faux glaze. Use a damp sponge and dip it into the faux glaze paint mix. You need to wipe off any excess paint before you get started.

Start with small taps of the sponge on the wall. Its better to tap the sponge lightly on the wall as this gives off a good effect. If you were to press the sponge down, it would get too much of paint on the wall and the effect will also not be good. Just keep pressing and rolling the sponge so that the effect turns out to be good in an overall way. As you finish sections of the wall stand back and take a look at what you have done. The effect throughout should be even as this helps to give you the results that you want to see.

When you carry out sponge painting techniques, you can make use of a synthetic sponge or a natural sponge. A synthetic sponge is made out of low-density polyether. The effect coming from a synthetic sponge is different from the effect you get through a natural sponge. A natural sponge gives a more organic look and effect on the walls. The overall effect can be one that reflects marbling or a plastering look.

There are variations in sponge painting ideas that you can try out. You can try out something like ragging. Ragging can create marbling effect which can be really lovely. This is something for those who want an innovative kind of look for the home. Another technique is bagging. Just dip a bag in paint and press it against the wall. The effect you see here is more detailed and varied that the marbling effect you can get through ragging. You can complete the effect you create through ragging or bagging using a small sponge. This creates smaller details an nice effects to the effect already created through ragging and bagging.
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One of the most innovative painting ideas is Sponge Painting. It helps you to give such an interesting effect to the room. This painting technique adds texture and depth the walls. You can have your room sponge painted by a professional else you do it yourself. If you plan to do sponge painting by yourself, you need to first prepare the walls for painting. First paint the walls in the color of your choice. This will serve as the base color. Something that’s flat will give a good effect.
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For a unique and textured look on the painting jobs, sponge painting is the best method. Even individuals who lack the natural ability to be artistic can be successful in painting if they use the method of sponge painting. Sponge painting is extremely simple and has noticeable results. Sponge painting brings out the unique character of the walls. This article will guide you through the sponge painting technique.
Sponge Paint and Sponge Painting Effects
You can get great combinations of colours and effects using sponge paint. This is one reason why paint sponges are so popular around the world. The preferred paint to be used in this painting technique is latex paints as it can be easily cleaned with water. It is not recommended to use glazes as it can degrade the effect. There are a lot of sponge paint colors available in the market, so that a person can select the best one for his walls. There are only three steps for this technique as there should be three coats of sponge paint. The first one will be...
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